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May 1st, 2005


Steelhorse Fellowship Motorcycle Club is a true Law Enforcement Club. There are many Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs (LEMC’s) across the USA but there are few that share our structure and beliefs. This is why Riders of a Posse with Steelhorse Fellowship Motorcycle Club can only be Law Enforcement personnel. So many clubs have started with good intentions but soon fall victim to the need for expedient increases in membership, resulting with the standards for the club taking a rapid downward decline. We are Cops who also ride motorcycles, not bikers who happen to be Cops.


Only Law Enforcement professionals can understand the sacrifice to family and personal life we make everyday because of the profession we have chosen. We personally feel that Law Enforcement is a “Calling” and is not something that is entered into lightly. Each year we average 150 Officers killed in the line of duty who leave behind spouses, children and loved ones. That number doesn’t include the countless hundreds that are lost every year due to health related issues because of the job stressors. The average citizen does not realize the countless holidays and family functions we are absent from because there must always be someone patrolling the streets, watching the prisoners, and working the crime scenes. We witness the worst that the world has to offer, we see the result of crime on the victim’s faces everyday, and we try so hard not to take it home to our family and friends.


It is not all bad; there are many benefits and rewards for those who wear a badge. These rewards are not in the form of dollars, but in the faces of our proud family and friends. Our pride and self respect is our reward because we know that we are the keepers of the law. We protect the citizenry from those that wish to feed off society instead of contributing to society. We protect the innocent and help the injured.


Motorcycling is one of the best ways for Law Enforcement to relieve stress and put life back into perspective. Riding has been an American tradition that began with riding horses and transformed into the motorcycles we ride today. The motorcycle is called a “Steelhorse” because the seated and riding positions for both are similar. Western riding of horses incorporates the same functions as riding a motorcycle. The term “Posse” refers to a group of select citizens chosen to band together and hunt down a criminal or group of criminals. These men, who stepped forward when the call for a Posse was announced, were the most courageous and trusted in the community. They would ride for days in pursuit of the criminals, leaving their homes and family alone. This is not very different from the modern Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). The term “Fellowship” refers to the common interests, beliefs and loyalty of a group of like minded individuals dedicated to each other and the lifestyle that binds them. A Fellowship is much stronger than simple association or organization, it represent a Brotherhood.


Steelhorse Fellowship Motorcycle Club incorporated Devils Tower into the center patch for several reasons. We feel that its many attributes are parallel to the meaning of this club and the tradition that binds it. Indian legend tells how Devils Tower served as protection for seven Indian girls who were pursued by a bear. It is a one of a kind landmark that is as unique as it is respected. In 1892 the U.S. Congress designated the area as a U.S. Forest Reserve, recognizing the value of this unique U.S. treasure. In 1906, Devils Tower became the first National Monument. We feel that Law Enforcement Officers are a National Treasure that protects the citizens of this country, 24- hours a day, and 365 ¼ days a year. Like Devils Tower, Law Enforcement is a special part of American history, a symbol of protection, strength, and timeless courage.



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